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Description:   Clear helps users to clear all their session information in most modern browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and support for more browsers is in the works. Clears all session information across all browsers. Mozilla Firefox (All Versions)Microsoft Internet Explorer (Most Versions)Google Chrome (All Versions)Class Objects for Removing Data for each Browser

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Minimal HTTP/1.1 Server This is the minimal HTTP/1.1 server as defined in the W3C spec. It's written purely in C++. It's funcionality is very low - only basic file serving. The purpose of this project is just educational. I tried to make the code as clear as posible.

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Clear Vote Clear Vote is a tool that analyzes a sequence of database files that are generated during an election by the Diebold/Premier Global Election Management System (GEMS).

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Clear Vote Clear Vote is a tool that analyzes a sequence of database files that are generated during an election by the Diebold/Premier Global Election Management System (GEMS).

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